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Self love is not about loving yourself because Meghan Trainor told you that the “skinny bitches” are inferior.
Self love is not about thinking you’re worthy because Nicki Minaj said that guys only want to stick their fucking anaconda in you because you’ve got “big buns.” I mean, heaven forbid girls think they’re worthy for reasons other than the fact that a man finds you desirable.

self love is realizing that every-fucking-body is perfect regardless of their physical characteristics.
Self love is realizing that fat is not an insult, and skinny is not a compliment.
It’s about knowing that those are just two different body types. That’s all.
Self love is when your grandmother says to you, “Wow, looks like you’ve gained some weight.”
and you reply, “Yeah, I probably have. isn’t it great?”
Self love is realizing that you’re a fine-ass motherfucker, and what other people think about you is literally irrelevant.
Self love is about YOU and only YOU,
so stop making it about everybody else.


People praise these songs like “All About that Bass” and “Anaconda”, claiming that they’re body positive, when they’re actually giving off the complete wrong message. Dear media, please stop telling young girls that they’re only worthy if a guy wants to fuck them, or if they put other body types down. -Paige Knight (via paragonapostate)

This is such a shallow fucking reading of both those songs, especially the one by Nicki Minaj. 

There’s probably room to critique both those songs, but this is so lazy and mean spirited. Self-love isn’t about tearing other women down either, and it sure as fuck shouldn’t be about deliberately misinterpreting art produced by WOC. 

Thank you.

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